NA48/2 is a CERN experiment at the SPS proton synchrotron.


    A high statistics study of charged kaon decays is proposed using a novel design for simultaneous K+/K- beams, and an upgraded NA48 setup. The main goal is to measure the CP-violating asymmetry in the linear slope of the $K^{\pm}\rightarrow \pi^+ \pi^- \pi^{\pm}$ decays with an accuracy of 2.2 x 10-4. In addition, the analogous CP-violating asymmetry will be measured in $K^{\pm}\rightarrow \pi^0 \pi^0 \pi^{\pm}$ decays. More than 106 Ke4 decays will be accumulated, which allow to measure the scattering length parameter a00 with an accuracy better than 0.01, and some other rare decays of charged kaons will be studied as well.

Approved 23-Nov-2000
In Preparation 2002 - 2003
Taking Data 2003 - 2004 Run Coordinators 2003:
    Roberta Arcidiacono
    Riccardo Fantechi
    Evgueni Goudzovski
    Andrew Maier
    Marcella Scarpa
Run Coordinators 2004:
    Riccardo Fantechi
    Teresa Fonseca
    Evgueni Goudzovski
    Lucia Masetti
    Marcella Scarpa
Express Analysis
    Dmitri Madigozhin
Data Analysis 2005 - 2006