Elba 94 Conference

Cagliari-Cambridge-CERN-Dubna-Edinburgh-Ferrara-Mainz- Perugia-Pisa-Saclay-Siegen-Torino-Vienna Collaboration

Presented by A. Ceccucci - INFN Torino


The NA48 collaboration is preparing a new experiment at CERN aiming to measure \EPSEPS in the {$K^{0} - \overline{K^{0}}$} system to the level of $ 2\times 10^{-4}$. The heart of the detector will be the electromagnetic calorimeter needed to reconstruct the neutral kaon decays. The choice of a liquid krypton calorimeter has been dictated by the need to combine excellent energy, position and time resolution with the possibility of a precise charge calibration and long term stability. Results obtained by means of a prototype calorimeter incorporating the final design of the electrode read out structure are presented.

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