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The NA48 Liquid Krypton Calorimeter Project

Orsay-Perugia-Pisa-Saclay-Siegen-Torino-Vienna-Warsaw Collaboration

Presented by A. Ceccucci
CERN, PPE Division
1211 Genève 23

INST96, Novosibirsk
5 March 1996

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  • The CERN-NA48 Experiment

    The NA48 collaboration is preparing a new experiment to measure tex2html_wrap_inline142 with an accuracy of tex2html_wrap_inline144  .


    The principle of the experiment is to collect the four relevant decay modes concurrently, in the same detector using almost collinear K tex2html_wrap_inline148 and K tex2html_wrap_inline150 beams, distinguished by tagging the proton which produces the K tex2html_wrap_inline150 particle.
    The charged decays will be reconstructed by a magnetic spectrometer. To reconstruct the neutral decays, a good electro-magnetic calorimeter is needed.

    Specs for the NA48 calorimeter


    Main background : tex2html_wrap_inline160 with missing photons.

    In order to reconstruct the decay position

    to tex2html_wrap_inline166 50 cm, and tex2html_wrap_inline168 to tex2html_wrap_inline166 1 MeV we need:

    Moreover in order to tag tex2html_wrap_inline184 decays with the proton beam upstream the target a time resolution < 0.5 ns is also needed.

    The fiducial region of the calorimeter is contained between two circles of 300 and 2400 mm placed tex2html_wrap_inline166 100 m from the begin of the Kaon decay region. Choice for the NA48 calorimeter

    The NA48 choice has been a quasi-homogeneous liquid krypton ionization chamber with tower structure read-out.



    One electrode

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