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NA48 pictures

To print any of these pictures, you can load on your disk the relevant postscript file and then print it with your preferred printing command. To do that using netscape, first click on the relevant image to follow the link to the picture page. Then hold down the SHIFT key and then click on the postscript file link located at the beginning of the picture page.

  • The NA48 simultaneous KL and KS beams
    More beam-related images from the SL/EA Web page

  • The NA48 Detector (Interactive GEANT)

  • The NA48 Detector (Hand-made)

  • The NA48 magnet

  • ribbons_icon The "ribbon" electrode design for 1994 LKr calorimeter prototype

  • LKr Calorimeter electrode structure

  • dett_cal_icon LKr calorimeter ribbons and spacer

  • Picture of the complete internal structure of the LKr calorimeter

  • na48daq_icon NA48 Data Acquisition system

  • NA48 On-Line processing on CS-2

  • NA48 On-Line and Off-Line Dataflow Scheme

  • Benedetto Gorini
    Modified: 7-Aug-1998